Do Hedgehogs Purr?

Do Hedgehogs Purr

Have you ever wondered if hedgehogs make purring noises like cats? It’s a surprisingly common question, since hedgehogs are often compared to small cats due to their spiky, prickly fur. While hedgehogs and cats both have similar appearances, the similarities stop there when it comes to noise-making. In this article, we’ll discuss whether or not hedgehogs purr like cats do and what other noises they might make instead. We will also explore the implications of these vocalizations for pet owners who want to understand their furry friends better. So read on to learn more about these unique little creatures!

Do Hedgehogs Purr?

The short answer is no, hedgehogs do not purr like cats. While cats can produce a low, rumbling purring sound when content or relaxed, the same cannot be said for hedgehogs. Hedgehogs instead rely on other vocalizations to express themselves.

What Sounds Do Hedgehogs Make?

Hedgehog noises range from squeaks and grunts to clicks and chirps. When they are feeling content or safe, hedgehogs may make a soft huffing noise similar to snoring. Some species of hedgehog have even been known to give off an occasional little grunt.

  • Squeaks: High-pitched peeping sounds made when the animal is excited or startled.
  • Grunts: Low-frequency growling that indicates annoyance or displeasure.
  • Clicks: A sharp clicking sound used as a warning sign between members of the same species.
  • Chirps: A series of short chirping noises typically associated with mating behaviors in some species.


Overall, while hedgehogs may not purr in the traditional sense, they do make other vocalizations to communicate. They have a wide range of sounds that they use to express themselves and interact with their environment. While these vocalizations are quite different from those made by cats or other animals which do purr, they can still be enjoyable to hear and provide insight into the inner life of a hedgehog.


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