Are Hedgehogs Smart?

Are Hedgehogs Smart

Hedgehogs are small, spiny mammals that have been popular as pets for many years. They have an endearing and inquisitive nature that makes them attractive to pet owners, but how smart are they? This article explores the intelligence of hedgehogs and answers the question: Are hedgehogs smart? We’ll examine the cognitive abilities of hedgehogs in comparison to other animals and look at what research tells us about their problem-solving capabilities. Finally, we’ll consider whether this means that hedgehogs can be considered intelligent creatures.

Are Hedgehogs Smart?

The short answer to the question of whether hedgehogs are smart is yes. Although they may not be as intelligent as primates or some domesticated animals, research shows that hedgehogs do possess a certain level of problem-solving ability and cognitive skills.

Hedgehogs have demonstrated an understanding of cause-and-effect relationships; for instance, they can learn how to open latches and boxes in order to access food rewards. They also display signs of long-term memory and show evidence of being able to recognize individual humans.

Compared to other animals, hedgehogs’ intelligence levels are considered average. They exhibit similar levels of problem solving capabilities as cats or dogs but their smaller size makes them less capable than larger animals such as horses or dolphins.

Problem Solving Capabilities

  • Hedgehog’s have been observed making choices based on previous experience which indicates that they possess a certain level of problem solving capability.
  • In experiments conducted by scientists, hedgehogs were able to differentiate between different types of objects and remember where food was located in mazes.
  • They also demonstrate an understanding of cause-and-effect relationships when presented with puzzles – learning how to open latches and boxes in order to access food rewards.


Overall, the evidence suggests that hedgehogs are relatively intelligent animals. They demonstrate impressive problem-solving skills, recognize their owners and respond to training. They also display a wide range of behaviors and emotions, from joy and curiosity to sadness and fear.

While more research is needed to understand the full extent of their intelligence, it seems clear that these small creatures have much more going on beneath those prickly exteriors than we might expect. Hedgehogs may not be able to solve complex equations or play chess like some other animals can, but they certainly prove themselves as smart creatures with unique personalities.


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