What Sound Does A Hedgehog Make?

What Sound Does A Hedgehog Make

Welcome to our article on “What Sound Does A Hedgehog Make?” You may have seen these spiky little creatures in movies, commercials, and other media but you might not know what sound they make. Are hedgehogs silent animals? Do they communicate with each other or their owners? We will answer all of your questions about the vocalizations made by hedgehogs. We’ll look at how hedgehogs communicate with one another and explore the various noises that this adorable animal is capable of making. So let’s get started and find out what sound a hedgehog makes!

What Sound Does A Hedgehog Make?

Hedgehogs make a variety of vocalizations, ranging from chirps and squeaks to hissing and snuffling. They are typically quite loud when they are disturbed or feel threatened. Hedgehogs also communicate with each other by making noises such as “churring” or “grunting” noises.

Types Of Sounds Made By Hedgehogs:

  • Churrs: These soft, low-pitched grunts can be heard when hedgehogs are feeling content.
  • Squeaks: High-pitched chirps that indicate curiosity or excitement in a hedgehog, often accompanied by excited movements.
  • Snuffles: Snorting sounds that indicate alertness and may signal danger for the hedgehog.
  • Hissing: A sign of aggression from the hedgehog; usually accompanied by raised spines and an open mouth display.

Do Hedgehogs Click? Investigating the Commonly Reported Noises from These Cute Critters

Hedgehogs are beloved animals that have become increasingly popular as pets. While they can make a variety of noises, one sound in particular has generated quite a bit of discussion among hedgehog owners: clicking. Many people who own hedgehogs report hearing this noise coming from their pet, and it has caused some confusion and curiosity.

So, do hedgehogs click? The answer is yes! Hedgehogs do sometimes make clicking noises, though not all of them do so regularly. It’s important to note that these clicks are different than the hissing or chirping sounds some hedgehogs may make when startled or afraid.

The clicking noise associated with hedgehogs is usually made by male hedgehogs during mating season. It’s believed to be an attempt at communication between two males competing for the same female’s attention, as well as a way for females to determine which male is most fit for breeding purposes.

In addition to mating clicks, there are other reasons why hedgehogs may click. For example, if a hedgehog feels threatened it may try to ward off potential predators by making loud clicking noises. This behavior is often seen in wild populations of hedgehogs but can also occur in domesticated ones too.

Finally, some experts believe that the clicking sound produced by some pet hedgehogs could be caused by an involuntary muscle contraction rather than an intentional vocalization. If your pet makes this noise frequently or without any apparent reason it’s best to consult with your veterinarian about possible medical causes.

  • Mating Clicks:

Male hedgehogs will produce clicking sounds during mating season as part of courtship displays and competition with other males.

  • Threatening Clicks:

Hedgehogs may produce loud clicks when they feel threatened in order to ward off potential predators.

  • Muscle Clenching/Tensing:

It’s possible that what people think is a “click” could actually just be an involuntary muscle contraction or tensing up phenomenon due to stress or anxiety.

Do Hedgehogs Make Noise?

Hedgehogs are surprisingly vocal animals, capable of making a variety of noises. While they don’t bark or meow like cats and dogs, hedgehogs make a range of sounds that can indicate their moods.

Types of Sounds Hedgehogs Make

  • Purring: When content, happy hedgehogs may purr in the same way cats do.
  • Grunting: Grunting is usually an indication that your pet is displeased or uncomfortable with something you’re doing.
  • Whining: A whining noise is usually a sign of fear or distress.

The Purpose Behind Hedgehog Noises

Hedgehogs make a variety of noises depending on the situation they find themselves in. These noises are made to communicate with other hedgehogs and also as a form of self-defense.


Grunting is one of the most common sounds that a hedgehog makes. Usually, it is used when two adult hedgehogs are interacting, either in an aggressive or friendly manner. It can also be heard during mating season. Grunting can indicate contentment but more often than not it’s used as a warning sign for other nearby animals.


When scared or threatened, hedgehogs will emit loud screams that sound similar to birds chirping or squeaking. This noise serves to alert potential predators that they’re being watched, which may frighten them away and prevent attack.


Hedgehogs also make a whimpering noise when they’re feeling scared or lonely. This is usually accompanied by a hunched posture and a slow, deliberate movement. It’s a sign that a hedgehog is feeling vulnerable and looking for companionship.


In conclusion, hedgehogs make a variety of noises that range from chirps and grunts to squeaks and snuffles. They are generally quiet animals, but they can become quite vocal when they feel threatened or excited. All in all, it is hard to define what sound a hedgehog will make because their voices depend on the context in which they find themselves.


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