What Do Hedgehogs Like To Play With?

What Do Hedgehogs Like To Play With

If you’re the proud owner of a pet hedgehog, then you may be wondering what your little buddy likes to do for fun. Hedgehogs are small and cute, but they can also be quite active! In this article, we’ll explore some of the best toys and activities that will keep your hedgehog entertained and help them stay healthy. We’ll look at which types of playthings they like most, as well as how to provide enrichment opportunities that will keep your hedgehog engaged and mentally stimulated. So let’s find out: What do hedgehogs like to play with?

What Do Hedgehogs Like To Play With?

Hedgehogs love to play with a variety of toys, including:

  • Tunnels and hideaways: Hedgehogs are naturally curious and like exploring small spaces. Tunnels, tubes, or other hideaways provide a great way for them to explore while also feeling secure.
  • Chew toys: Chew toys are great for keeping your hedgehog’s teeth healthy and strong. Look for chewable items made specifically for small animals such as wooden blocks, sticks, cardboard boxes, or even dog biscuits.
  • Novelty objects: Novelty items can help keep your hedgehog entertained and mentally stimulated. Try offering new things such as paper towel rolls, ping pong balls, stuffed animals, cardboard boxes, or wood chips.
  • Food-based activities: Food is always an exciting prospect for a hedgehog! You can provide enrichment opportunities by hiding food in different places around their enclosure or using interactive feeders that require them to forage for their meals.

Creating the Perfect Home for your Pet Hedgehog

Hedgehogs make great pets, but you need to provide them with the right habitat if you want to keep them happy and healthy. Here are some tips for creating a perfect home for your hedgehog.

Choose the Right Cage or Habitat

The first step in creating the ideal home environment is choosing a cage that provides enough space and ventilation. It should be large enough to allow your pet ample room to roam around, have multiple levels and play areas. There should also be plenty of ventilation holes so fresh air can circulate throughout the enclosure.

Provide Appropriate Bedding Material

Once you’ve chosen an appropriate habitat, it’s time to add bedding material. The best option would be aspen shavings as they are dust-free and absorbent, which makes them a safer choice than other materials such as cedar shavings or straw. Other acceptable materials include recycled paper litter, kiln-dried pine shavings, or coconut fiber bedding.

Add Hiding Places

Your hedgehog will feel more secure if there are hiding places available within his enclosure. These can range from simple cardboard boxes or logs to commercial habitats made specifically for small animals like hedgehogs. You could even make one yourself using a plastic storage container with holes cut into it.

Provide Toys and Accessories

Having plenty of toys and accessories available will help keep your pet entertained while in his home. This includes items like tunnels, ladders, exercise wheels, chew toys, water bottles, food dishes etc… All these items should be carefully chosen according to size since hedgehogs have small bodies.

The Joys of Watching a Hedgehog Play with Toys

Hedgehogs are delightful, spiky little animals that provide hours of entertainment for their owners. Watching them play with toys is particularly entertaining and rewarding as they explore their environment and express themselves through play.

Exploring New Things

One of the most rewarding aspects of watching your hedgehog play is observing their curiosity as they explore new things. Whether it’s a ball or a climbing toy, hedgehogs will often spend hours investigating their toys and learning about the world around them. This can be especially amusing if you give them an interactive toy like a tunnel or maze.

Exercising Their Minds

Playing with toys also helps to exercise your hedgehog’s mind by providing stimulating activities that require problem-solving skills. Puzzles and other interactive games can help keep your pet active mentally, which has been proven to have positive effects on mental health in animals.

Having Fun

Most importantly, playing with toys provides your pet with fun and enjoyment. You can observe the joy on their face when they find something interesting or when they figure out how to use a toy properly. It’s always satisfying seeing your pet happy!

  • Other Benefits:
  • Improves physical coordination & agility
  • Reduces boredom & stress levels
  • Strengthens bond between owner & pet

Exploring the Fun Activities That Pet Hedgehogs Enjoy

Hedgehogs make great pets due to their friendly personalities and relatively low-maintenance needs. They are also quite active creatures that enjoy a variety of activities, making them an ideal pet for those who like to keep their animals engaged and entertained. Here we will explore some of the fun activities that pet hedgehogs enjoy.

Provide Enrichment Toys & Accessories

Hedgehogs love playing with toys! From tunnels to balls, providing your pet hedgehog with enrichment toys can help keep it stimulated mentally and physically. Additionally, you can provide accessories such as platforms and hideaways for your hedgehog to explore.

Take Your Hedgehog Outside

It’s important for hedgehog owners to take their pets outside on occasion so they can explore new environments. This activity is especially beneficial during warmer months when the temperature is safe enough for outdoor playtime. Just be sure to watch your hedgie closely while they’re outdoors and only allow supervised playtime in areas free from potential predators or other hazards.

Encourage Exercise With Playtime

Exercise is just as important for pet hedgehog as it is for humans – it helps promote good physical health, strengthens muscles, and relieves stress. While some exercise comes naturally through exploration of its environment, you can also encourage movement by giving your hedgehog plenty of playtime every day. Some popular activities include running around a large wheel or playing fetch using small objects like ping pong balls.

Bathing Time

Bathing time may sound odd since these spiny mammals don’t have fur, but many hedgehog owners find this activity enjoyable nonetheless. Bathing provides not only a way to clean off any dirt or dust but also offers mental stimulation which can help reduce stress levels in pet hedgehogs. Be sure to use lukewarm water (not hot) and lots of patience during bath time!


In conclusion, hedgehogs enjoy playing with a variety of items. While they may not be as active or playful as cats or dogs, providing your hedgehog with toys and other objects to explore can help keep them entertained and give you more interactive time together. Some things that are safe for hedgehogs include tunnels, balls, paper towel rolls, cardboard boxes and even stuffed animals! As always, it’s important to supervise your pet whenever possible and make sure the items you provide are safe for them to play with.


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