Where To Buy A Hedgehog?

Where To Buy A Hedgehog

Are you looking to buy a hedgehog? Hedgehogs can make great pets and give your home lots of personality. Before deciding if a hedgehog is the right pet for you, it’s important to learn about their needs, diet, and health requirements. Once you know that they’re suitable for your lifestyle, it’s time to consider where to buy one.

In this article we will discuss the best places to find a healthy hedgehog for sale. We’ll cover online resources as well as local stores and breeders so that you can make an informed decision when choosing your new companion.

Where To Buy A Hedgehog?

When looking to buy a hedgehog, there are a few different places you can look. Here are some of the best options:

  • Online Resources: You can find hedgehogs for sale through online resources such as classified websites or specialty pet stores. This is often the most convenient way to purchase an animal, as you don’t have to leave your home to do so.
  • Local Stores and Breeders: Local pet stores may carry hedgehogs from time to time, as well as bird and small animal breeders. While they may not always be in stock, it’s worth checking out these sources if you’re looking for something specific or have a good relationship with the store or breeder.
  • Rescue Organizations: Another option is to adopt a hedgehog from a rescue organization. Rescues take in abandoned and surrendered animals and provide them with medical attention before putting them up for adoption. Adopting an older hedgehog can be very rewarding, but keep in mind that these animals may come with special needs.

The Cost of Owning a Pet Hedgehog

Having a pet hedgehog can be both rewarding and expensive. In addition to the cost of purchasing your pet, there are several other costs associated with owning a hedgehog.

Initial Expenses

  • Hedgehog – Prices for hedgehogs vary depending on their age, coloration, and size. Prices can range from $50 – $500.
  • Cage – A cage suitable for a single hedgehog will typically cost between $50 – $100.
  • Bedding – You will need to buy bedding material such as wood shavings or paper-based bedding. A 20-pound bag of bedding should cost around $20.
  • Food – High quality cat food is an acceptable choice for feeding your pet hedgehog. A 10-pound bag should cost about $30.
  • Supplements – Specialized supplements may be necessary depending on the diet you choose for your pet. Supplements can range from $5 -$15 per month.

Ongoing Expenses

  • Veterinary Care– Vaccinations, checkups and any necessary treatments can add up quickly over time. Veterinary care can easily exceed hundreds of dollars annually in some cases.

In addition, regular grooming items such as nail clippers and toothbrushes may be needed if you plan to keep your pet groomed at home. These items should not exceed more than a few dollars each.

Owning a pet hedgehog is not something that should be taken lightly due to the financial commitment it requires. Before deciding on whether or not to purchase one, it is important to consider all of these costs so that you are prepared financially when making this commitment.

Understanding the Legality of Pet Hedgehogs in India

Hedgehogs are unique, adorable creatures that make wonderful pets for many. However, if you live in India, it is important to understand the legality of owning these animals before making a commitment.

State Laws on Hedgehog Ownership

In India, individual states have their own laws and restrictions when it comes to pet ownership. Some states may allow hedgehog ownership while others might not. Before purchasing a hedgehog, research your state’s specific regulations regarding exotic pet ownership.

CITES Regulations

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) regulates the international trade of endangered species and their parts or products. In India, there are strict CITES regulations that must be followed for any animal considered an endangered species. It is important to check with your local government about whether hedgehogs fall into this category and what paperwork is necessary for legal possession.

Animal Welfare Act

Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, wild animals kept as pets must be provided with suitable living conditions that meet their health needs and prevent them from suffering unnecessarily due to inadequate care or lack of proper nutrition. This law applies to all animals kept as pets including hedgehogs.

It is important for potential owners to do their research before bringing a hedgehog into their home.

Finding a Hedgehog Breeder in Your Area

If you’re looking for a hedgehog breeder in your area, there are several ways to locate one. Here are some steps to help you in your search:

Step 1: Check with Local Pet Stores and Vets

The first step is to contact local pet stores and vets. They may be able to refer you to a reputable breeder or provide additional resources.

Step 2: Research Breeders Online

You can also research breeders online. There are many websites that list available hedgehog breeders by state or region. Be sure to read reviews and learn about their policies before contacting any potential breeders.

Step 3: Ask Other Owners for Recommendations

Other owners of pet hedgehogs may have personal recommendations for local breeders they have used in the past. You can check forums, Facebook groups, Reddit threads, or other online communities dedicated to owning small animals.

Step 4: Visit Potential Breeders

Before making any commitments, it’s important that you visit potential breeders and get an up-close look at their setup and practices. Make sure the conditions are clean and safe for the animals being bred.

Step 5: Look into Local Rescue Organizations

If purchasing from a breeder isn’t an option, consider adopting from a local rescue organization. Many organizations specialize in rescuing small animals such as hedgehogs. Adopting from these organizations is often more affordable than buying from a breeder, while still ensuring that your new pet will be healthy and well-cared-for.


In conclusion, buying a hedgehog can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. There are numerous places to purchase a hedgehog, including pet stores, online retailers, and breeders. Before making a decision on where to buy your pet, it is important to research the care requirements of hedgehogs as well as the reputation of the seller. Additionally, potential owners must ensure that they are able to provide their pet with adequate housing and food. With proper care and attention, a hedgehog can make an excellent companion for many years to come!


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