How To Tame A Hedgehog?

How To Tame A Hedgehog

Welcome to the wonderful world of hedgehog taming! Hedgehogs are becoming increasingly popular as pets and make amazing companions. They are not only cute, but also have unique personalities that can be quite endearing. With a little patience and knowledge, you too can learn how to tame a hedgehog. In this article, we will provide tips on how to properly handle your pet hedgehog, as well as some ideas for activities that foster bonding between you and your new companion. Let’s get started!

How To Tame A Hedgehog?

Taming a hedgehog is an enjoyable, rewarding process with patience and consistency. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Create a Safe Space

The first step in taming your hedgehog is creating a safe space for them. This could be their own room or corner of the house, where they can feel secure. Make sure this space is free from loud noises and other pets that may scare your hedgehog.

2. Get to Know Your Hedgehog

Getting to know your pet is key to establishing trust between you two. Spend time observing their behaviors and habits – how do they react when handled? What kind of activities do they seem to enjoy? Knowing these things will help you better understand your pet’s needs.

3. Handle With Care

Once comfortable with one another, slowly begin introducing handling sessions into playtime. Start by gently stroking their back until they relax – when done correctly, many hedgehogs will even roll over on their backs! As you progress, start picking up your pet using both hands so as not to startle them.

4. Offer Treats & Toys

To make handling more enjoyable for both you and your hedgehog, offer treats such as mealworms or crickets during each session as rewards for good behavior. Additionally, provide plenty of toys and stimulating activities like hide-and-seek games for enrichment.

Tips on How to Quickly and Safely Tame a Hedgehog

Taming a hedgehog can be both an exciting and rewarding process. It is important to understand that this process can take some time, so it’s best to start early and stay consistent with your efforts. With patience and understanding, you can build trust with your pet hedgehog.

Step 1: Get Your Hedgehog Used to You

Start by spending time around your hedgehog frequently in order for them to become familiar with you. This will help create a trusting relationship between the two of you. Speak softly while around them, as loud noises may scare or stress them out.

Step 2: Handle Your Hedgehog Properly

When handling your hedgehog, always use both hands – one hand should support their body from below while the other should cup their head gently. Never pick up your hedgehog by its tail or feet as this can cause discomfort.

  • Introduce objects:

Once they are comfortable being held, begin introducing other objects such as toys and treats into the environment. This will help keep your hedgehog entertained and decrease any anxiety they may have about new items.

  • Let them explore:

Allow your hedgie to explore their environment freely without interruption for short periods of time each day. This will give them the opportunity to become more comfortable with their surroundings.

  • Groom regularly:

Gently brush or groom your hedgie every few days using appropriate products designed specifically for small animals like hedgehogs (avoiding eyes, nose & ears). Doing so helps build trust since most animals enjoy regular grooming sessions!

  • Be patient:

Remember that taming a pet takes time – do not expect results overnight. Be patient, consistent, and understanding when working with your pet. Showing kindness towards them is key in building a strong bond!

Building Trust with Your Hedgehog

Trust is an essential part of the bond between you and your hedgehog. It can take some time to build, but with patience and consistency, it’s possible to develop a strong relationship.

Tips for Building Trust with Your Hedgehog:

  • Handle Often: Regularly handling your hedgehog will help them become comfortable around you and learn that you are not a threat.
  • Be Calm & Gentle: Speak in soft tones and handle your hedgehog gently. This will help them feel safe around you.
  • Provide Treats: Giving treats is a great way to reward good behavior and encourage positive interactions. Choose healthy treats like freeze-dried mealworms or crickets.

Taming a Hedgehog: The Journey to Making It Your Pet

Hedgehogs make excellent companions, but they can be challenging to tame. With patience and consistency, you can learn how to tame your hedgehog and turn it into the perfect pet. By following these steps, you will have a well-behaved hedgehog in no time.

Step 1: Choose the Right Hedgehog

When selecting a hedgehog, look for one that is alert and active. A healthy hedgehog should have bright eyes, clean ears and fur, smooth skin with no lumps or bumps, and short nails. If you find any of these signs of poor health, move on to the next one.

Step 2: Create an Environment That Is Comfortable for Your New Pet

Creating a comfortable environment for your new pet is essential for successful taming. Place their cage in an area where there is minimal noise and distraction. Make sure it has plenty of hiding places like small caves or tunnels so they always feel safe. Additionally, provide them with toys such as wooden blocks or cardboard rolls that they can explore.

Step 3: Establish Routines

Routines are key when it comes to taming your new pet. Try spending time with them every day at the same time so they know what’s expected of them. You could start by feeding them their favorite treats or letting them out of their cage each day for some playtime.

Step 4: Familiarize Yourself With Their Habits

Take note of what makes your hedgehog happy/unhappy – this will help you build up trust between the two of you over time. For example, if they seem scared when approached from behind then try approaching from the front instead.

Step 5: Take Things Slowly

To get used to being handled by humans takes time; don’t rush things along too quickly as it could take several weeks before your hedgehog starts feeling comfortable around you. Start by offering treats from outside its enclosure until it gets used to seeing you around.

Step 6: Provide Positive Reinforcement

Provide positive reinforcement every time your hedgehog does something right, like coming out of its cage without fear. This will encourage it to keep repeating those behaviors. Offer special treats like mealworms, fruit pieces, or sunflower seeds as rewards. Soon enough, it’ll become more relaxed around people.


Taming a hedgehog is no small task and it takes a lot of patience and dedication. However, with the right approach, any hedgehog can be tamed. By providing your pet with an environment that meets its needs, slowly introducing it to human touch, and rewarding good behavior, you can create a trusting bond between you and your pet. With enough time, patience, and care, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of owning a happy and healthy hedgehog companion.


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