Can Hedgehogs Have Wood Toys?

Can Hedgehogs Have Wood Toys

Hedgehogs can make great pets and many people enjoy having them in their homes. While they are relatively low-maintenance, there are still a few things to consider when it comes to providing the best environment for your pet hedgehog. One of those considerations is whether or not hedgehogs can have wood toys in their cage.

In this article, we will explore the potential benefits and risks of giving your hedgehog wood toys as part of its enrichment activities. We’ll also discuss other options that you may want to consider instead.

Can Hedgehogs Have Wood Toys?

The short answer is yes, hedgehogs can have wood toys in their cage. However, there are certain precautions that should be taken to ensure the safety of your pet.

Benefits of Wood Toys for Hedgehogs

Wooden toys provide a natural environment for hedgehogs and help them explore their surroundings. They also provide an opportunity for mental stimulation and exercise as they climb or play with the toys. Wooden blocks or platforms also allow hedgehogs to practice balancing skills.

Risks of Wood Toys for Hedgehog

If not chosen carefully, wooden objects can present a risk to your pet hedgehog. Splinters from old wooden items could cause harm if ingested by the hedgehog, so it’s important to only use properly treated and finished wood products when selecting toys for your pet. Additionally, make sure all edges are smooth and free of sharp points.

  • Non-Treated Woods: Avoid giving your hedgehog untreated woods such as branches or sticks gathered from outside as these may contain harmful chemicals or parasites.
  • Sharp Edges: Always check wooden toys before giving them to your pet to ensure they don’t have any sharp edges that could cause injury.
  • Size: Be mindful of the size of the toy you give; avoid anything too small that could become lodged in its throat if swallowed.

Gift Ideas for Your Pet Hedgehog

Having a pet hedgehog is always a fun experience, and giving your little friend gifts can be just as much fun! Here are some great ideas to get you started on finding the perfect gift for your beloved pet hedgehog:


Hedgehogs love playing with toys, so it’s important to make sure they have plenty of fun options. Some popular toy choices include PVC tunnels, wooden hides, paper towel rolls, and cat balls. You can also create DIY toys from everyday items like cardboard boxes or old t-shirts.

Food Dishes and Treats

Your pet hedgehog needs healthy food dishes and treats in order to stay happy and healthy. Look for ceramic dishes that are specifically designed for small animals like hedgehogs—they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. As far as treats go, there are many commercial products available that contain natural ingredients such as fruit or vegetables.

Bedding Material

When it comes to bedding material for your pet hedgehog, there are many different types available at most pet stores. Choose one that’s soft yet absorbent—such as shredded coconut fiber or fleece—and make sure to change it out regularly.

  • Chew Toys – PVC tunnels, Wooden hides, Paper towel rolls, Cat balls, DIY toys made from everyday items like cardboard boxes or old t-shirts
  • Food Dishes & Treats – Ceramic dishes, Commercial treats with natural ingredients such as fruits or veggies
  • Bedding Material – Soft yet absorbent materials like shredded coconut fiber, Fleece, Change out regularly

The Pros of Using Wood for Hedgehogs

Using wood as a material for hedgehog enclosures has many advantages. Below are some of the benefits of using wood:

  • Durability: Wood is a durable material and can easily withstand wear and tear from your pet hedgehog.
  • Easy to Clean: Wood is easy to clean, so you won’t have any difficulty maintaining the enclosure.
  • Natural Look: Wood gives an enclosure a natural look that makes it attractive and inviting for your pet hedgehog.

The Cons of Using Wood for Hedgehogs

Although there are many advantages to using wood, there are also some drawbacks. These include:

  • Toxicity: Certain types of wood can be toxic to hedgehogs if ingested or inhaled, so make sure you use non-toxic woods such as apple, cherry or birch.
  • Cost: Wooden enclosures tend to be more expensive than other materials such as plastic or metal.
  • Maintenance: Wood requires more maintenance than other materials because it needs regular cleaning and sealing in order to stay in good condition.

The Benefits of Providing Toys for Your Pet Hedgehog

Providing your pet hedgehog with toys is an essential part of its care and can help to enhance their quality of life. Toys are great for stimulating playtime, exercise, mental stimulation, and overall enrichment.

Benefits Of Playtime

  • Playing with toys helps to reduce boredom in hedgehogs which can lead to destructive behavior.
  • It stimulates natural behavioral patterns such as digging, exploring and climbing.

Promotes Exercise

Hedgehogs love to explore new objects so providing them with different types of toys encourages physical activity.

Improves Mental Stimulation

Toys that require problem-solving skills like puzzles or mazes will help keep your hedgehog mentally stimulated and engaged.

Enhances Enrichment

Enrichment activities like playing with various textures or shapes provide additional stimulation for your pet hedgehog.

Providing Chew Toys for Your Pet Hedgehog

It is important to provide chew toys for your pet hedgehog in order to keep them entertained and prevent boredom. Chew toys can also help to keep their teeth healthy, as they are constantly wearing down their incisors when chewing.

Types of Chew Toys

There are many different types of chew toys that you can provide for your pet hedgehog. Some popular options include:

  • Wooden Toys: Wooden chew toys such as blocks or balls are great for stimulating your pet’s mind and satisfying their need to gnaw.
  • Paper Products: Cardboard tubes from toilet paper or paper towel rolls make excellent chewy treats for hedgehogs. Just be sure to remove the tape before giving it to your pet!
  • Plastic Toys: Small plastic items such as baby keys or rattles can be a fun way to let your hedgehog explore and play with something new. Make sure the toy is safe and free of sharp edges.
  • Edible Treats: Many types of edible treats, like small pieces of fruit or vegetables, can also double as chew toys. Just be sure not to give too much at once – use moderation!


In conclusion, hedgehogs can have wood toys, but it is important to make sure that the toy is safe and free of any splinters or other sharp edges. Wood should not be treated with chemicals or paints, as these could be dangerous for your pet. Also, avoid giving your hedgehog toys that are too small since they may accidentally swallow them. With these considerations in mind, you can provide a variety of wooden playthings to keep your pet entertained and happy!


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