Are There Hedgehogs In America?

Are There Hedgehogs In America

Hedgehogs are a popular pet in many countries around the world, but did you know that there are also hedgehogs living wild in parts of North America? In this article, we’ll explore the range and distribution of these curious creatures in America and look at how they got here in the first place. We’ll also discuss what it takes to care for a wild hedgehog if you should be lucky enough to find one. So read on to learn more about these fascinating mammals!

Are There Hedgehogs in America?

Yes, there are indeed hedgehogs living wild in some parts of North America. The main area where they exist is the Northeastern United States, from Maine to Pennsylvania and New York. They have also been known to inhabit parts of Canada as well.

The hedgehog population in these areas is growing steadily due to their introduction via pet owners releasing them into the wild or by escaping captivity.

How Did These Hedgehogs Get Here?

Hedgehogs were first introduced to the Americas during colonial times when settlers brought over European hedgehog breeds for food or as pets. Over time, these domesticated animals have adapted to the environment and multiplied naturally.

Release from Pet Owners: In recent years, many pet owners have released their pet hedgehog into the wild, leading to a rise in their numbers across North America.

Hedgehog Habitats in the United States

Hedgehogs are a fascinating and unique species that can be found throughout the United States. Hedgehogs prefer to live in habitats that provide plenty of food, shelter, and safety from predators. In the US, hedgehog habitats range from deserts to forests.


In desert environments, hedgehogs typically inhabit areas with thick vegetation such as shrubs or cacti. This provides them with protection from the elements and predators. They also hide under rocks or debris during the day to stay cool and safe.


In forested areas, hedgehogs seek out hollow logs or other natural shelters for protection from predators. They may also build burrows in soil that is loose enough for them to tunnel through.

Food Sources:

Hedgehogs will search for food both during the day and at night when they’re most active. Their diet consists mainly of insects such as worms, beetles, caterpillars, and spiders which can be found near their habitats.

Where Can You Find Wild Hedgehogs in the U.S.?

Hedgehogs are small, nocturnal mammals native to parts of Europe and Asia. They have been introduced to areas of North America, including the United States. With careful observation and knowledge of their habitat needs, it is possible to find wild hedgehogs in some parts of the USA.

Natural Habitats

Wild hedgehog sightings are most often reported in the southeastern states, where they were introduced from Africa as pets or for pest control. These animals can generally be found living in wooded habitats with plenty of cover such as logs and brush piles as well as open grassland areas. Some reports also cite sightings near agricultural fields, golf courses and even suburban yards.

Best Time for Spotting Hedgehogs

Due to their nocturnal nature and preference for hiding during daylight hours, your best chance at spotting a wild hedgehog is after dark on warm summer nights when temperatures remain above 60°F (15°C). Look carefully around low-lying vegetation such as bushes or tall grasses – they may hide inside these plants during the day but come out at night looking for food.


  • Bring a flashlight if you plan on searching after sunset.
  • Look closely around wooded areas – this is where hedgehogs like to build nests and search for insects.
  • Observe quietly from a distance; do not attempt to touch or handle a wild hedgehog!

Exploring the Range of Countries Home to Wild Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are small mammals found in temperate regions across Europe, Asia and Africa. They have become popular pet animals due to their unique appearance and demeanour.

In the wild, hedgehogs can be found in a range of countries from Europe to Africa, with some introductions having been made beyond these continents. Here we will explore the range of countries home to wild hedgehog populations.


  • United Kingdom: The European or West-European hedgehog is native to Britain and can be commonly seen in gardens throughout England, Scotland and Wales.
  • Ireland: This species is also present on the Emerald Isle where they inhabit grasslands and areas of mixed woodland.
  • France: There are two types of hedgehog native to France – the European or West-European hedgehog as well as the lesser white-bellied hedgehog which inhabits dry open habitats such as meadows and heathland.
  • Germany: Both varieties are also found here too – particularly in forested areas near rivers or lakeside environments.
  • Italy: In Italy you will find both species again but this time more commonly located in rocky habitats with scrub cover.


  • Morocco: The North African Hedgehog has been observed here amongst other arid environments within Morocco’s borders.
  • Egypt & Sudan: The North African species occurs here too but is sparsely distributed due to human interference such as farming activities.
  • Kenya & Tanzania: East Africa is home to the much larger Somali Hedgehog which lives amongst savannah grasslands, shrubby vegetation and rocky outcrops.


In conclusion, although hedgehogs are not native to the United States, they have become a popular pet in recent years. They can be legally owned in some states with a permit and their popularity is growing as more people discover how unique and endearing these animals are. With proper care and attention, hedgehogs can make wonderful companions for animal lovers around the world.


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