Do Hedgehogs Poop When They Run?

Do Hedgehogs Poop When They Run

If you’ve ever been around a hedgehog, you may have noticed that they move quickly and often seem to be scurrying around in search of something. But do hedgehogs actually poop while they’re running? In this article, we’ll explore the answer to this question and provide an overview of some other related facts about hedgehog pooping habits.

Do Hedgehogs Poop When They Run?

The answer is yes, hedgehogs do sometimes poop while they are running. However, this behavior is not typical and usually only occurs when the hedgehog is alarmed or stressed due to a perceived threat. In these instances, the hedgehog may be so focused on escaping that it doesn’t have time to stop and defecate in the normal way.

Why Do Hedgehogs Poop While Running?

When a hedgehog perceives a threat or becomes scared, its natural instinct is to flee. This impulse can cause it to move quickly and erratically in an attempt to get away from whatever has caused its alarm. During this process of fleeing, it’s possible for the hedgehog’s rectal muscles to contract involuntarily, causing it to defecate as it runs.

Can I Stop My Hedgehog From Pooping While Running?

Yes! With some patience and training you can teach your pet hedgehog not to poop while running by providing positive reinforcement when they restrain themselves from pooping during stressful moments. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure your hedgehog feels safe: Provide plenty of hiding spots and keep their environment stress-free.
  • Reward good behavior: Whenever your hedgehog refrains from pooping while running, reward them with treats or praise! This will help reinforce the desired behavior.
  • Timeouts: If your hedgehog continues to poop while running despite rewards for good behavior, a timeout may be necessary. Place them in an enclosed space (such as a cardboard box) for 10 minutes before allowing them back out again.

The Pooping Habits of Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are small, nocturnal animals found in Europe, Africa and Asia. They are known for their spiky coat of quills and their omnivorous diet.

When it comes to their pooping habits, hedgehogs have some unique behaviors that can be interesting to observe. Here’s a look at what makes these animals special when it comes to dropping the deuce!

No Restrooms Needed!

Unlike humans and other animals who need some form of restroom facility to do their business, hedgehogs don’t need any such thing. In fact, they just poop wherever they feel like it – whether that’s in your garden or on the sidewalk.

Frequent Dropping

Hedgehog droppings aren’t usually large, but they pop up often throughout each day. These little critters tend to defecate several times per day – sometimes as many as 10-15 bouts of pooping! That being said, most of this is typically done overnight when you’re asleep so you won’t notice too much.

Multiple Locations

Often times these creatures will use multiple spots in your yard as bathrooms. That means if you find one pile then there could be more nearby! It also helps explain why it may seem like your yard has become a minefield filled with little piles everywhere.

Identifying Droppings

The easiest way to tell if droppings belong to a hedgehog is by examining them closely. Hedgehog droppings are cylindrical or triangular shaped with pointed ends and are generally dark brown in color (though they can vary). Additionally, hedgehog poop tends to contain bits of uneaten insects which should help confirm its origin.

Cleaning Up After Your Pet

If you keep a pet hedgehog then chances are you’ll want to clean up after them regularly. To do this simply scoop up the droppings with gloves or something similar (a dustpan works well) and dispose of them in the trash bin outside.

The Surprising Benefits of Hedgehog Poop Smearing

Hedgehog poo smearing is a fascinating and unique behavior displayed by some species of hedgehog. This behavior involves the hedgehog rolling in its own feces, spreading it around its body or on objects in its environment.

What Causes This Behavior?

The exact cause of this behavior is not known but there are several theories as to why they do it. One theory suggests that it may be an attempt to disguise their scent from predators. Another theory suggests that they may be trying to mark their territory by leaving behind a recognizable smell.

Surprising Benefits Of Hedgehog Poop Smearing

Insect Control: Poo smearing can help keep insects away from the hedgehog’s home range. The strong odor produced by the smeared poop is thought to deter many types of insects such as flies, ants, beetles and moths.

Social Interaction: Hedgehogs who engage in poo smearing are more likely to interact with other members of their species than those who don’t display this behavior. It’s believed that the act of poo smearing helps establish social bonds among them which could explain why they often form large groups when living together.

Protection From Predators: It’s been suggested that hedgehogs smear their poop as a way to protect themselves against predators. The strong smell created by the poop can make them less attractive targets for larger animals looking for food sources.

Preventing Unwanted Hedgehog Defecation

Hedgehogs are cute and cuddly, but they can also be a bit messy when it comes to leaving droppings. Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent unwanted hedgehog defecation in the home.

Clean Up After Your Pet Regularly

One of the best ways to avoid excessive hedgehog mess is to clean up after your pet regularly. Even if you have designated potty areas for your pet, it’s important to monitor them closely and remove any waste as soon as possible. This will help keep odors at bay and discourages your pet from using that area as a bathroom again.

Provide Plenty of Potty Options

If you want to reduce unwanted hedgehog defecation in certain areas of your home, make sure you provide plenty of potty options for your pet. You can use litter boxes or dedicated hedgie beds filled with wood shavings or other absorbent materials. Make sure these locations are easily accessible and away from where your pet likes to sleep or play.

Train Your Pet Properly

Training is an essential part of owning any animal, including a hedgehog. Teaching basic commands such as “go potty” and providing rewards when they use their designated toilet area helps encourage good behavior and reduces accidents around the house.

Monitor Food Intake

Finally, keeping an eye on what your hedgehog eats can also reduce unwanted defecation around the home. Overfeeding can lead to more frequent trips outside the litter box or bedding for poops! Stick to regular meal times and measure out portions accordingly so that you know exactly how much food your pet is consuming each day.


In conclusion, hedgehogs do poop while running. However, they are unlikely to produce large amounts of waste during this time as the small size of their digestive system prevents them from storing significant amounts of food for long periods of time. Therefore, it’s likely that a hedgehog will only produce a few droppings while running around its enclosure and these should be relatively easy to clean up.


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