Select Diet - The very best
Food for your African Pygmy Hedgehog


Guaranteed analysis: FOR THE REGULAR DIET

Crude protein, not less than...32%
Crude fat, not less than...........18%
Crude fiber, not less than.........4%


Animal protein and fat (preserved); cereal products; molasses; phosphoric acid; vegetable fat; salt; d-biotin; vitamin E; iron; copper sulfate; minerals; niacin; vitamins B-12, B-6, B-5, A, D-3 and K; calcium pantothenate; cobalt; folic acid; selenium.  Propionic acid added as a preservative.

Select Diet is a complete, nutritious food specially formulated for your Hedgehogs - you don't need any supplements.  It's safe for their teeth and will not wear them down like hard, dry cat food can.  The semi-soft texture mimics the food they find in their natural habitat.  More palatable to hedgehogs than other Hedgehog foods - even overly picky eaters like it.

     Try Select Diet today - you'll have happy, healthy hedgehogs!

Select Diet is perfect for weanlings through adults.  It contains  nutrients essential to growth, maintenance and reproduction.  Feed individual Hedgehogs one or two ounces per day.  Lactating females should be fed two to four ounces per day.


I would like to thank you for your Select diet hedgehog food. My albino

male hedgehog is a very picky eater and I was having trouble finding him

food that he liked. I bought all the commercial food available and he

ate very little. A friend of mine that breeds hedgehogs told me to look

up your food and try it. I just placed my second order! He loves that

food. I attached a picture of my hedgehog for you to see a customer!

We both thank you.

Sal and Nacho the hedgehog.


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