The Pygmy Hedgehog, A Perfect Pet

by Sharon Massena and Bryan Smith

The African pygmy hedgehog is one of the most popular exotic pets on the market.  This is a easy-to-read, up-to-date book that provides the information needed to keep them as happy, healthy pets.

The Pygmy Hedgehog, A Perfect Pet
is a unique book that provides information on showing hedgehogs and starting a hedgehog club.  It also includes a chart of the various basic colors and the official Hedgehog Show "Standard of Perfection" for conformation.
The authors, Sharon Massena and Bryan Smith are acknowledged experts in  breeding and showing hedgehogs.  Bryan is the founder of the IHA;

The International Hedgehog Association  Both have been writing articles and answering Hedgehog questions for years. They have teamed up to produce an informative and practical guide to purchasing and owning a pet hedgehog.

Chapters include: Selection and Purchase of Your Hedgehog; Housing Your Hedgehog; Hedgehog Diet; Care and Management; Hedgehogs in the Wild; Breeding and Reproduction; and First Aid and Medical Tips.

Completely illustrated with 51 color and 37 b/w photos, b/w line illustrations, 1 map, 87 total pp. Soft cover.

ISBN 0-9655629-1-3


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